Game Design and Development student at RIT, Adobe Design Circle Scholar, and a bird & dragon enthusiast.I am passionate about communicating through creativity, and using art to create something interactive and exciting.Searching for Summer co-ops utilizing strong design skills, Available Summer 2024



Link: Itch.ioProject: 6-month group project to raise awareness for mental health issues and self-care.What I did:
- Project Manager / team organization
- game design documents & production plans
- puzzle mechanics
- level and sprite design
Tools: C#, Unity


Project: Collaborated in a group of 4 during a semester-long puzzle-based horror game.What I did:
- character & level design
- sprites & animation
- object interaction code.
Tools: C#, MonoGame

Raging Scales

Link: Raging ScalesProject: A Web-based SHMUP Web Tech Final Project.What I did:
- sprites & animation
- player & enemy interaction code
- utilizing ES6 classes
Tools: PixiJS, HTML, CSS


Link: Itch.ioProject: A simple scarecrow dragon shoot 'em up protecting his crops from ravens and bugs!What I did:
- player input & enemy movement code
- sprite animations

Tools: C#, Unity

Fish Tank Sim

Link: Itch.ioProject: Care for two types of fish by placing the correct fish food if they are hungry, or add a new fish to the tank if they are bored.What I did:
-obstacle avoidance & state transitions
-pathing and flocking code
-sprite animations
Tools: C#, Unity

Skull Nova

Project: Completely reskinned a default Unity game, using a personal theme and concept art to unify level and character design.What I did:
-concept art and level design
- player and enemy animations
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, Unity

3D Models

Mg has spent the past 3 years working with Maya, Blender, Unity, and Adobe Substance Painter. They have enjoyed bringing concepts to life in both personal projects and class assignments.


Project: create an enclosed 3D space with at 5 minimum UV wrapped models and 2 animations in the scene.What I did:
- sketching and grey boxing
- build and UV unwrap models
- add materials and animations
Tools: Maya Adobe Substance painter Unity

Dragon Skull Sword

Fantasy Chess Set

2D Sprites & Animations

Collection of sprites from personal projects, group game jams, or course experiences.Procreate Piskel

Traditional Artwork

GROWTH: Change after Depression and LossAcrylic Pen and Marker Gouache Colored Pencil Print Making